Saturday, March 11, 2017

Celebrating 30 Days of Pisces 2017, Part 2

Hello everyone!!! :o)

On February 18th a Pisces period started and my annual challenge, Celebrating 30 Days of Pisces. This is a personal challenge which takes time in Pisces period. Goals of the challenge are to improve my skills.

This year is 3rd year I have this challenge. It started on February 18th at 12:31 PM and will end on March 20th at 11:29 AM. (CET, UTC +1Dubrovnik, Croatia)

I challenged myself to practice hand lettering every day in Pisces period.

Goals of the challenge are to improve my hand lettering skills, to encourage myself to hand letter on my projects and to continue practicing after the challenge ends.

More details about this year's challenge in an Intro post.

Today I'm sharing with you Part 2 of my hand lettered uncolored/unfinished samples that I made (wrote) from March 1st until March 10th (10 days). If you want to see Part 1 of samples I made for the challenge, follow this link. :o)

I focused on hand lettering and not coloring and finishing projects. I decided they will be my preparation for an ongoing 7th 30 Day Coloring Challenge by Kathy Racoosin of The Daily Marker, which started on March 1st. I am and will be coloring all my samples during Kathy's challenge. For more info, jump to Kathy's blog. Also, an ink I'm using is drying slow and I avoid coloring my samples on the same day as I write them to prevent ink smearing. :o)

After I color my samples and make something out of them, I'll be sharing them here on my blog in separate posts with detailed description. I'll update this post and link photos in this post to finished project posts.

Here is a day by day preview. :o)
(Click on the photo and it will take you to the finished project post. If there is no link, my project is not finished and published yet.)

Thank you for stopping by and your kind feedback. Enjoy and smile! :o)



  1. Your hand write skills improve day by day :) A lot of beautiful quotes and doodlings, you are very busy in this period! I'm very impressed by your accurate works! Well done!

    1. :o) Thank you ALice. Sometimes I have a terrible day an pen doesn't want to do what I want. So there are splotches, smears, etc. also, but I'm not showing them. LOL :o)

  2. Wonderful quotes and your handwriting looks great !


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